Santorini Shore Excursions

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EXPLORE Santorini with a Shore Excursion

GOLDEN IBEX Santorini shore excursions, where outstanding services matter. Golden Ibex Events and Tours helps you plan your next visit to Santorini.

What makes Santorini Shore excursions so special

Approaching the shore of Santorini by cruise ship, marveling at its white-washed dwellings and enjoying the steep precipice slop of the caldera. This view attracts 2 million visitors per year. From this angle, it is clear that the beauty you see around you is the result of what was an intensely violent volcanic eruption. Even though no eruption is expected any time soon, Santorini is built on top of an active volcano.



Why to book a private shore excursion in Santorini

Whether you are looking for action and adventure or relaxation by the sea sampling traditional Greek dishes, our Santorini shore excursions cover the most popular settlements such as Oia Village, Firostefani and Imerovigli. You will have the chance to taste the several times awarded wines of Santorini.

You will enjoy the stunning views to the caldera from different spots around the island. Booking a tour from your cruise ship, we ensure that your time spent on the most beautiful island of the world will leave you with everlasting memories.



Sightseeing attractions in Santorini

We pride ourselves in offering a professional, yet personal private shore excursions. We are right here for you, to provide you unforgettable memories. We are a passionate and enthusiastic team sharing a deep passion for Santorini with a great deal of knowledge about the island and its culture. Let’s become wanderlusters and collect experiences, through our unique tour experience:


Heaven in a glass

Ιf you don`t walk through a vineyard-one of the best in Greece and taste the unique local wines, it will be as if you have missed the true flavor of the island.

Go on one of the most popular wine tours in Santorini or choose Santorini cooking class if you love traditional Greek cusisine. Visit the top sights of Santorini and be introduced to winemaking. Learn about the ancient vineyards of Santorini, the history of the island through the centuries and how the volcanic soils influence its winemaking.


Santorini Shore excurions – What to expect from Santorini Wine tasting

Once we pick you up at a location of your choice and meet up with your private guide, the private tour kicks off at the edge of the Caldera in order to demonstrate the truly atypical geological formation of Santorini: here you will learn about the most interesting genesis and history of the island.

We then continue by strolling through the island’s basket vines at two spectacular wineries and learn about Santorini’s unique viticulture traditions. We will taste a selection of 10 different wine varieties from across Santorini, such as Assyrtiko, Nykteri and the sublimely sweet Vinsanto accompanied by local delicacies, such as cheese, cold cuts and olives.

We will walk through the traditional village of Pyrgos, a village found at the highest point of Santorini; a typical fortress settlement, which was declared as a UNESCO protected settlement in 1995. On its’ hilltop we will will find the ruins of Kasteli Castle, one of the five `Kastelia` located on the island. The tour ends at the Cable Car terminal, in Fira, convenient for cruise ship guests.



What else you can do?

Discover the Traditional Santorini. Discover the splendor of Santorini with a local Tour Guide. Our ”Traditional Santorini” highlights the hidden villages. So experience the island like a local accompanied by a local, friendly, experience Guide. Visit non touristic places, churches, local fish taverns and restaurants. Explore less-touristed regions of the island, including Pyrgos village the highest village in Santorini. Santorini Shore excursions with Golden Ibex today!


Customized Tour

Discover Santorini and its Best on your own. Enjoy the unique service; create your own program and prepare to be amazed by all the possibilities and places the island can offer. On our ”private tailor made tour” your expectations will be met by our excellent service and high experience on individual and small groups



World Heritage Site

Our island Santorini where people`s timeless efforts to create civilization have been expressed in the most dynamic way.

Here lie the foundations of the outstanding town of the prehistoric Town of Akrotiri whose largest part is still buried in ashes. Visit one of the most important prehistoric settlement of the Aegean and walk through the streets of Akrotiri to discover the achievements of the inhabitants of the island 3600 years ago. Choosing ”Full Day Santorini Panoramic tour”, you will explore its own history and mystery that you cannot find anywhere else.


Unlock Santorini

Are you reaching Santorini by cruise ship? You don`t have enough time to spent on the island? We can ensure you that you can wander through its stone-paved alleys and marveling at its whitewashed cave houses. During 4 hour tour with ”Aroma of Santorini”, the cruise traveler will experience first-hand the true lifestyle and island living, celebrating local festivities and tasting local cuisine, by seeing it through the eyes of a native. Travelled as a family, we know how important it is to keep everyone happy and satisfied so as to avoid constant hearing of things like “I’m bored”!!!



Walk off the beaten path

Discover “the unspoiled Santorini” while following walking paths through wild flowers, lush valleys, ancient sites, and old pathways.  Have you ever experienced Hiking in Santorini? If you haven`t, then you are seriously missing out! Not only is it a beautiful adventure, but it also an unforgettable experience. The volcanic land of Santorini presents wonders that are breathtaking. Get to know the island of Santorini with 3 choices of ”Hiking Tour”.


Outside the Box

The world`s largest underwater caldera may not boast much in the way of fish-watching, but it still has enough attractions to have impressed Jacques Cousteau as he searched for the lost city of Atlantis back in 1975. Diving is one of the most popular activities in Santorini. The most popular dive sites are off the islets of Palia and nea Kameni. Diving conditions around the island is ideal, thanks to the clear, warm waters, while Santorini dive centers provide all the equipment and a complete range of programs for all ages



Visiting Santorini? Time to live the dream!

Santorini Golden Ibex Tour offers you the best way to visit Santorini, so you will keep your memories for ever. Discover Santorini in a guided visit with a photograph and enjoy our photo shooting tour activity. ​Book online or send us your information and cruise arrival date, explain what are you looking for and mention anything you’d like to tell us. We will mark you in our agenda and together we will prepare your Santorini Shore excursion.



When arriving in Santorini by cruise ships, they will normally anchor in the open just by the Volcano and our visitors are brought to either Athinios or Old port by tender. This happens due to the fact that the main port is not deep enough to accommodate big cruise ships. However, approaching the island on a tender boat is a unique experience in itself! Those who purchase a Santorini tour from a cruise line are brought to Athinios port, the main port of the island, (20 minutes drive from Fira). The individual passengers of the cruise ships are tendered to the Old Port, beneath Fira town.

The Old port offers an altogether different alternative. With this option, you can reach Fira either by donkey ,there is no road connecting this port to the town apart from an uphill path including 600 steps, or by the cable car in a mere 5 minutes for the latter.

The Golden Ibex team recommends the cable car as it is the safest and quickest way to the town centre. As soon as you reach the cable car exit, our private tour guide will be waiting for you to start your selected shore excursion and help you live the ultimate Santorini experience.



Touring the island Santorini on a private tour with Golden Ibex Events & tours

Are you arriving to Santorini by cruise ship? Are you willing to book a Santorini shore excursion? Let us show you the experience of our guest who visited Santorini and booked a private shore excursion tour with Golden Ibex Events& tours.

I can’t say enough good things about this tour and tour guide, Amani. We hired her for a private afternoon tour “Aroma of Santorini”. The tour consisted of myself, my husband, and my parents. We came from a cruise ship, and Amani was holding a sign with my name at a designated place, at the exit of the cable car. She walked us out of the crowded touristy section into a more residential neighborhood, where we boarded a very nice, air-conditioned Mercedes minivan with a driver. We drove to all of the iconic, scenic spots on the island. While we drove, Amani provided us with a map and spoke of the island’s history. She was extremely knowledgeable, and answered all of our questions with ease and wit (she’s very funny).

We had the opportunity to stop in several places, walk around, and take pictures. Amani knew the best picture spots. We had gelato and ended with a wine tasting. My parents are not exactly spry chickens, and Amani catered the tour accordingly, always offering a place for my parents to sit if my husband and I wanted to do a little more exploring. She is very flexible, and will customize the tour to meet your needs. She is a high school teacher, so is very patient and excellent at describing Santorini and its history. Of the many tours we took in the Mediterranean, this was the best!

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