Golden Ibex best wine tours in Santorini

by | Feb 14, 2024 | Wine and food

Santorini is a wine loving destination and offers a unique experience to all the wine lovers that will visit our beautiful island. Every visit to a winery is an opportunity to experience the great tradition and diversity of wine flavors. Apart from the oenological side, it also offers an opportunity to discover the culture and history of the Santorini.

During our tours you will have the opportunity to explore the secrets of wine production, watch ancient vineyards and all the modern production methods. A visit in the local vineyards offers the opportunity to discover more about the local soil and micro-climate of the island, that actually determines the uniqueness of its wines. In addition you will learn about the wine production processes and you will have the opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines.

Golden Ibex organizes five unique wine tours in Santorini, that can offer to the visitors a deep exploration of the island’s wine, history and culture. Each trip provides to its guests a taste of the most famous local wines and introduces them to the island’s grape varieties. Our tours includes visiting wineries with award-winning wines, pairing wines with local delicacies and visiting the most picturesque villages and beaches of the island. Each trip is carefully planned from Golden Ibex, to provide a complete experience for our guests.

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