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by | May 24, 2022 | Sightseeing

Suppose you’re unimpressed by filing on to coaches en masse or following a guide with an umbrella. In that case, that’s not what you’ll find on a sightseeing tour for a small group adventure tour! We think there are plenty of advantages of a small group on a private sightseeing tour for the traveler in a post-pandemic environment. Just choose a small group travel company providing this travel style and type of organized tour to benefit from the experience gained and passed on to you.
For many years, the popular way to travel was on a coach tour with 40 or 50 others or as an independent traveler exploring the continent by train or car. Now, you can book a sightseeing tour with your fellow to get close and personal to the famous sites.

A benefit of a private sightseeing tour on a small group

Having a private sightseeing tour in a small group is like taking a tour as an independent one, but without the administrative hassle, and it’s especially beneficial if you’re short on time. Like that you have immediate access to places you wouldn’t be able to visit.
In the meantime, you will be able to visit and learn more than just superficially passing through Santorini. In addition to the stunning sights, your tour guide will take you off the beaten path to enjoy an authentic taste of local life.
Most small group tours use minibusses during the private sightseeing tour, which means they can maneuver their way down narrow Santorinian streets, unlike bigger busses. The large bus has to park away from the town and village centers. A smaller mini-van can take you straight to the door. It’s the quickest way to see and learn more about the island. You’re likely to visit some off-the-beaten-path villages that regular tourist coaches can’t see.

Also, you learn from your experienced local guide.

An enthusiastic and knowledgeable local guide often distinguishes between a good and an excellent tour. A local tour guide is always a valuable source of information on local culture, history, and traditions, a key to learning about everything from someone inside.
Choosing a sightseeing tour means flexibility and accessibility. Discover places untouched by mass tourism. Listen to funny stories of history Santorini. Watch the people pass by from or somewhere where the coffee or Greek mezes are exceptional. Choose among the most amazing Santorini wine tours or our Santorini cooking class tour if you are a Greek cusine enthusiast!
Golden Ibex is committed to facilitating the authentic local experience as you book the sightseeing tour with us through our local tour guide. It is part of our tour style.

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