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Santorini cooking class - Itinerary

  • Visit Gavalas Winery at Megalochori and taste 4 wines
  • Visit Argyros Winery at Exo Gonia and taste 4 wines
  • Cooking class in a traditional family restaurant in Akrotiri village


As Santorini cooking class is a private tour, we can customize the itinerary depending on your interests and wishes.
Suppose you are coming to Santorini from Athens on a day trip. In that case, the Tour can offer you a complimentary airport pickup and drop-off service upon request.

Santorini cooking Class and wine tasting | Well-reputed products of Santorini

Eat like a local in our tour "Santorini cooking class". Greek food is fantastic. Just think of Mousaka, grilled octopus, fresh Greek salad, and stuffed grape leaves. Greece has dozens of very traditional meals. All super tasty and healthy at the same time. We are not talking about those meals in the Santorini Cooking Class tour. In Sthis tour, we specifically discuss about Santorini's food culture.

One of the most famous dishes we have here in Santorini is called Dakos. It's similar to the Greek salad, but here is what made Santorini salad special. First, we don't use Feta cheese; instead, we use Chloro cheese, the traditional one of Santorini. Chloro is goat cheese like Feta but much creamier. It is delicious! We also add Capers a lot. Caper plants grow wild everywhere in Santorini. Usually, outside of Santorini, capers are for more gourmet meals as they are pretty expensive. But, here in Santorini, you will find capers in many different meals. Also, Santorini is the only place where we eat its leaves. We also add Katsouni instead of Cucumber, the Santorini cucumber with a unique taste.

Another product is eggplant. In Santorini, you will eat white eggplant; these white eggplants require much less water to grow, so they are perfect for Santorini and taste much less bitter than the usual eggplants. They are nearly sweet. In our Santorini cooking class, you will learn to prepare it as chips fried in olive oil and then dipped in tzatziki.

Of all Santorini's food, Tomatoes are undoubtedly the most considerable pride of the Island. Due to the lack of rain, you will only find sweet cherry tomatoes. Santorini's cooking class teaches you how to cook our traditional dish: the Tomato fritters.

Let's remember Fava. Fava is made of yellow split peas, called Fava in Greek. Fava that grows here in Santorini has a P.D.O., a protected designation of origin because the volcanic soil of Santorini gives it a much stronger taste. In Santorini, in the old time, they used to call it the meat of the poor because it is rich in protein. It was a main dish. Now a day, restaurants serve it as a starter. Fava is wonderful on its own. However, you can order Fava with an octopus! It is excellent and savory.

Would you like us to introduce you to our Santorini wines?

You will enjoy our wines during the Santorini cooking class and Santorini wine Tour, served alongside local food paring:


Different than the other white wine grapes, indigenous to the Island's volcanic ash-rich soil. It has transparent yellow-gold skin and juicy flesh. The main characteristic (minerality) takes center stage allowing for the aromas of honey, herbs, and fruits to develop with aging. Assyrtiko does not lose its acidity even if it is very ripe. Its citrus flavors, rich in alcohol, match perfectly with seafood, lobster, or grilled fish.


Thus its name comes from the Greek word "nychta," which means "night." A traditional white wine produced from extra mature Assyrtiko grapes. A high-alcohol wine (more than 14%) comes from late harvest and stomping of the grapes during the night. Furthermore, extended aging in oak barrels gives you more intense minerality and fruity juices. A wine that pairs beautifully with grilled squid, fatty fish, or white meat.


The classic natural sweet dessert wine, an ancient winemaking tradition that dates back thousands of years. We must make the wine using a minimum of 51% Assyrtiko grape by law. Moreover, we make the dessert wine from late-harvested grapes that we have sun-dried in the sun for 14 days. Crushed, fermented, and then aged in oak barrels for at least 36 months.

It will pair with chocolate, savory cheese (such as Roquefort), or some prosciutto.

Be a sous chef and be a part of our Santorini cooking class! Because… Something is cooking!

Live an authentic cooking class & lunch experience.

Prepare yourselves for the Santorini cooking experience that includes all our beautiful Island's essentials & flavors. Our private cooking class starts by visiting two wineries and a gorgeous vineyard with wine tasting, followed by visiting the most fabulous family-owned restaurant at the southern tip of the Island in Akrotiri to learn the secrets of traditional Greek dishes. You will be greeted with a chilled glass of wine or ouzo from Grandma Litsa, the taverna's owner and our charismatic cook. You will hear stories about the life of the locals in the old-time and how they managed to have delicious food. Cooking with Grandma Mrs. Litsa will exceed all of your expectations! Meanwhile, our local guide, who is professional, authentic, and informative, will escort you. You will finish the Tour with a greater understanding of the history of Santorini and its people. Don't hesitate to ask for your favorite recipes to recreate at home. It is such a beautiful experience. If you want a true guided tour with a local, book with Santorini Golden Ibex Tours! And start to eat like a local.

And now, it is time to put on our chef's hats and start cooking. Discover the fresh, seasonal ingredients that excite locals and learn secret cooking techniques. The local specialties and the famous Santorinian dishes will indeed engage your appetite. After this introduction, it is time to enjoy the grandma's creations. Take your time and taste all the rich flavors of Santorini.

You can take a look at the recipe for happiness

Tomato balls are the perfect homemade snack, they are savory, and we call them the facked meatballs because, in the old time, only the rich people used to eat the meat twice yearly. So, as the inhabitants were mostly poor, they added cherry tomatoes instead of minced meat to feed their kids and have food on the table. In Santorini, the restaurants serve it as a starter. It goes very well with tzatziki dip. Remember to order it with tomato balls. It is so delicious!

Tomato balls (Tomatokeftedes)

  • 1kg peeled and mashed tomatoes. Santorini's cherry tomatoes more preferable due to their thicker juice and stronger taste
  • 2-3 zucchini
  • 4 spoons of minced dried onion
  • 3 spoons of chopped fresh onion
  • 1 spoon of Anethum or Basil or Peppermint or all three mixed (based on personal preference)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Flour (as required)
  • Olive Oil or seed oil for frying


In a large bowl, mix all ingredients. Add Flour and work the mixture Until it thickens. To thicken, if it is too elastic, add more Flour. Heat olive oil in a frying pan. Drop spoons of mixture into the Oil. Fry them on both sides till they get honey-like color. Drain Oil in an absorbent tissue. Serve hot or cold with a nice green salad or a yogurt sauce with garlic.

What's after our Santorini cooking class?

After lunch, you will board your coach to stop by two wineries. Experience life at its fullest here in Santorini. Santorini is reputed for its exquisite gastronomy and its Volcano. Join us and visit two of the oldest wineries famous for their wines worldwide awarded. Also, you will enjoy wines perfectly matched with local delicacies. Follow us to a game of senses and see what living life at its fullest means here in Santorini. A true Santorini authentic wine tour experience with great food and wine tasting.

Sample Menu

1. Santorinian traditional dishes, Fava, Cretan Dakos, Tomato fritters, Tzatziki, white Eggplant, Zucchini, Bread, Water, and Wine.

2. Beef cooked in lemon sauce and stuffed tomato and peppers,

3. Yogurt with caramelized fruits, and the dessert wine: Vinsanto, Coffee

Santorini cooking class tour Includes

  • Guiding Services/map of Santorini
  • Transportation
  • Admission Tickets
  • Materials, supplies, and tools for cooking
  • Welcome mezedes and appetizers (Fava, Cretan Dakos, Tomato fritters, Tzatziki, white Eggplant, Zucchini)
  • Main Dish: Beef in lemon sauce, Stuffed Tomato
  • Drinks: Local wine, soft drinks, and water
  • A whole meal after the cooking class lesson
  • Complimentary dessert and Vinsanto (dessert wine)
  • Recipe flyer

What's extra

  • Personal Expenses
  • Souvenirs

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