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Santorini sunset tours is what you definitely need, if you are spending your vacation on the island. Want to enjoy the sunset on the Caldera? So, it is a must to book a sunset tour on a catamaran or a sunset tour around the island.  Arriving to Santorini, you will be astonished from the different activities and tours that you can do.

Santorini sunset sailing tours around the caldera

Most of the boats/catamaran start their tours at 15:00. They offer transfer, pick up and drop off from and to your hotel. All the tours cover the caldera area. You have the chance to choose the sailing tour according to your budget:


Sailing boats for Santorini sunset tours:


This kind of sunset tour in Santorini is for a big group. It is not expensive. Normally they will offer you Dinner on board. The boats will sail across the caldera and you will get to the Volcano (Nea kameni). It is a walking tour on the volcano. You take the uphill path to the crater. The whole walk, there and back takes about one hour. Next stop is the hot spring where you will have the chance to jump from the boat into the hot water. You will have time for a swim, which is a blessing after the dust, earth and heat of the volcano. Later on, the boat will sail to Thirassia Island and it will anchor near the Island in order to enjoy the Greek open buffet dinner on board accompanied with local wines. The end of the excursion comes on sunset time.



The sunset tour with the most amazing view

The sunset boats set sails while the sun dives to the sea in the northernmost part of the island. The boats stop very close to Oia village where you will have the chance to watch the warm light of the setting sun. Unforgettable experience as the Caldera and the village of Oia will turn into gold colour.

Tips: Stout shoes and socks are essential to permit comfortable walking on the volcano and a bottle of water. Dark colour for swimming suit.


Catamaran sailing cruises for sunset tours

Most of the Catamaran cruises last for 5 hours of pure magic. The best choice to enjoy the cruise with less guests and in the meantime, it is not expensive for what they offer you. All the transfers for your Santorini sunset tour are included. They start either from Vlychada port at the south part of the island or from Ammoudi port in OIa village. The Catamaran sail to inaccessible beach (by car) as the Red and White Beach. You will be able to admire the Venetian lighthouse from the sea and in the meantime they sail below the Indian rocks through some caves and rock formation.



Not just an ordinary sunset tour cruise

Once you enter the caldera, you can really feel what it means to be there. They sail around the volcano and stop for swimming at the hot Springs that offer a natural SPA. Normally, on board you have a delicious rich meal: Sea food, chicken….and a lot of beverages, wines and beers. The sunset catamaran set sails while the sun dives to the sea in the northern most part of the island. The crew are really friendly, accommodating and fun! They will provide you towels, snorkeling and safety equipment.

In case you book a Santorini sunset tour with a catamaran you have two choices:

1-Private sailing tour only for you and your friends or family

2- Semi- private tour. No more than 14 guests



Tours during the sunset on the caldera

Concerning the Santorini sunset tours, you have plenty of choices:

Bus Tours

You are young and you don`t want to spend a lot of money or you have a limited budget? So, you can book a bus tour. It starts around 10:30 am you will visit the main villages on the island Santorini in a big bus with a guide. All the bus tours stop for 2 hours on the black sandy beach to swim and to eat lunch on the leisure and they end their tours in Oia to watch the sunset. It is a full day tour about 10 hours, a little bit hectic, but it is a very economical way to know the island.




The second choice, it is to book a private Santorini sunset tour, organized for you and your family. Normally, it lasts between 4 and 6 hours Most of them are tailored made tours. The itinerary depends on your interests. You will enjoy the stunning views to the caldera from different spots around the island. Booking a private sunset tour, we ensure that your time spent on the most beautiful island of the world will leave you with everlasting memories. Why not to end your tour with a dinner in a restaurant at the edge of the caldera during the sunset or a drink in a café bar on the caldera? There is a big varieties of private tours. The private tours are not expensive especially if you are with friends. You will enjoy the guide`s full attention. They pick you up from your hotel and they drop you off at any place of your choice.


Why to choose us, for your sunset tour?

Our Santorini sunset tours cover all the regions of the Island. Discover Santorini and its Best on your own. Enjoy the unique service; create your own program and prepare to be amazed by all the possibilities and places the island can offer. On our tours your expectations will be met by our excellent service and high experience on individual and small group. With the help of professional tour guides you can explore the wonders of this island to suit every budget. Our tours can encompass your every aspiration and can be tailored to your exclusive preferences and needs for unforgettable holidays on the island. Golden Ibex is also recommending 2 more unique tours for food and wine lovers, Santorini wine tours and Santorini cooking class.

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