Santorini in Pictures – Megalochori Village

by | May 14, 2021 | Santorini island

Megalochori, ”the Big Village”. A small village, in contrast to what its name suggests, lying in a riverbed. This village has been situated at the same location since the 17th century. It stands out among the vineyards with its artfully beautiful belfries. Megalochori has only some 250 inhabitants. Known for its craftsmen, furniture makers, barrel makers, and children who, under challenging times, studied and became University Professors. At the same time, it is a genuine picture of an insular village with flowers in the yards of its houses, older adults sitting outside of their doors. Beautiful stone paths, colorful houses with small courtyards full of flowers. Also, one of its most striking features is its beautiful bell towers – like Zoodochos Pigi – chapels in the valleys. All these compose an image of indescribable beauty.

In the heart of the village, you will find traditional taverns where you can taste local delicacies. One of them, Alisachni, is a fantastic restaurant gallery, an ode to Wine and Art. The works that adorn the store give a special aura. In addition, there are many wineries in Meagalochori: Boutari, Venetsanos… A few steps from the main square, hidden among the houses, you will find the Gavalas winery. One of the oldest wineries in Santorini and one of our Santorini wineries tours location to visit. It would be best if you tried the unique Santorini wines. Combine a tasting experience with a journey through time, a history of three centuries in winemaking. In another historic building, you have the opportunity to live an unprecedented experience that takes you deep into the musical tradition of Greece, through the unique ability of the artist and sounds from traditional instruments that tend to disappear: Symposion by La Ponta, just beauty and harmony.

So, come and get to know the panorama of the Cyclades. Megalochori is the light that emerges through the hidden villages of Santorini.

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