Santorini in pictures – Akrotiri Village

by | Aug 30, 2021 | Santorini island

Akrotiri is one of the most famous villages of Santorini. The modern settlement stands out at the southern cap of the island. Not to mention, the village is very close to one of the most famous beaches of Santorini, the Red Beach. It is characterized by Kastelli, the medieval castle at its highest point. It has about 500 permanent residents.
Moreover, to reach Akrotiri, you will cross a beautiful route with excellent views of the beautiful volcanic landscape of Santorini. Traditionally built around the old castle, the settlement itself does not disappoint visitors. The visitors will enjoy a stroll along the narrow cobbled streets and will get an exquisite taste of authentic village life.
Suppose you don’t own a vehicle. In that case, one can reach Akrotiri using public transport; a daily bus connects Akrotiri to Fira daily by bus (about 15 km).
Apart from the red beach, where one can reach Akrotiri on foot, in the area are also Mesa Pigadia and Aspri Paralia, where one can get only by sea.

The Kastelli of Akrotiri

The old castle, which stands out at the highest point of the Cape. The residential complexes, some older and some more modern surround the old castle. In the very center is the old Tower, the goulas. It means in Latin: La Ponta. The original Akrotiri goula is estimated to have been built in the 13th century. At the same time, until the catastrophic earthquake of 1956, it kept its later modifications and restorations in excellent condition.

The churches in Akrotiri

As in most of the islands of the Cyclades, countless churches and chapels adorn the residential environment. In Akrotiri, we find, among others, the churches of Agia Triada, Ypapanti, Agios Nikolaos, and others. However, the church of Agia Theodosia stands out; you will find it near the castle’s entrance, as the locals consider it the patron saint of Kastelia. Every year on May 29th, the church has a big celebration in the village. The festival of Agia Theodosia is also worthy of the celebration of August 15th in the village. It celebrates the majestic church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. At the same time, the inhabitants also organize a festival on the feast of Agios Epiphanios on May 12th.
Tens of thousands of tourists visit the village Akrotiri annually. In addition, it has an excellent tourist infrastructure, from tourist accommodation to cafes, restaurants, and water sports.


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