Santorini Cycling Tour

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Sport

Wheels on fire on the most beautiful island, Santorini. Endless kilometers from North to South, next to the gorgeous sun-drenched beaches. Unstoppable pedals from East to West, cycling to the picturesque peaks. Pictures breathe taking, a view from a bike!!!

Golden Ibex Events and Tours team had the pleasure to organize incentive travel for Spinney’s group from the United Arab of Emirates. What an experience, hosting a diverse group of smiling and authentic people who, beyond work, act as a family. 

Our goal is to offer highly memorable, authentic experiences. In fact, they seek to collect experiences, not just things. Spinney’s employees desire an incentive that leaves them healthier and more refreshed.  During their stay in Santorini, we have organized cycling tours for three days in a row with different itineraries all over the island of Santorini.

Our concept of incentive travel connects and combines fitness, sustainability, culture, and personal success concepts. The feeling that we were among friends and our unique experiences from an authentic cycling event will forever etch in our memory. After all, high-end incentive trips are certainly once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
Our main goal is to offer you an exceptional Santorini journey through a local’s eyes. Also, to live a unique experience of authentic style and elegance through high-quality services. We are the Ibex team.


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