Full day tour in Santorini

Do you intend to visit Santorini, one of the most popular islands in Greece and the entire world? When it comes to your annual leave, you want to be careful with how you spend your vacations. It would help if you decided how many days you will spend on the island. 

Additionally, you want to make sure that the days you do spend on your dream destination are filled with fun without missing out on any of Santorini’s highlights! Embark on a necessary 6-hour full-day tour of Santorini with our friendly local guides. Explore the secrets of Santorini! One of the most beautiful islands in the whole world! When we reach our dream destination Santorini, many of us envision traditional whitewashed houses set on the volcanic cliff edge with blue dome roofs and beautiful bougainvillea, overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea. 


Plan of a full day tour in Santorini

Let’s start, first visiting the village Oia. This unique village is the second most famous town on Santorini and, for many, its most beautiful spot. Oia is a traditional settlement of Santorini. It is also called Apano Meria or Anomeria (the upper side) and the inhabitants of Apanomerites. It is located in the north part of the island. Later on, delve into the traditional villages, including Firostefani and Pyrgos. There is quite a magnificent view, giving visitors a different perspective of the volcano and Oia.

Firostefani means the crown of the capital Fira, located between two villages, with a magnificent view all over the Cliffside.

Pyrgos is the village in which the character of the medieval communities of Santorini is best preserved. Once you are in Santorini, don’t forget to taste our famous white wines, all produced locally. Why not enjoy your lunch in one of the restaurants or taverns, which hung above the Cliffside or on the black sandy beach Perivolos. So, raise your glass for this amazing Santorini full-day tour! 



By choosing this tour, you will discover not only the charm of traditional villages but also the island’s fascinating history.

The first stop is in Firostefani village. From there, you will admire breathtaking views, which have panoramic views of Santorini’s whitewashed buildings. Later on, you will visit Oia. Explore the fascinating village of Oia, where bright white houses with cobalt blue roofs line the hillsides.

After that, you will visit Pyrgos’ charming village, with its narrow alleys and picturesque houses where a Venetian castle and defensive tower dating from the Middle Ages. After, we will head to Megalochori to meet an oenologist specialist in a winery. We will have the opportunity to taste and to distinguish the tastes and aroma of Santorini wines. Of course, we will not skip the visit to the longest black sandy beach Perivolos and Perissa. There, you will have the chance to relax and taste the traditional cuisine of Santorini at a local family tavern, and why not swim in the Aegean Sea.


Tips for a Santorini full-day tour

Eat at a local restaurant or tavern on the cliff or nearby the sea. Don’t forget to try our local dishes: Tomatokefte and Fava Cream.

Wear always comfortable shoes or sneakers. Most of the walking areas are made of black lava rock.

Have a good camera! You have no idea what is waiting for you. 


Carry back home not only memories but also a bottle of Vinsanto (naturally sweet wine). Taste it and travel once more back through your memories. Remember your moments in Santorini while drinking the wine with your friends; let them feel the island breeze.

Bring your swimming suit and your slippers. It is almost impossible to walk bare foot on the black sand without getting burnt.

In summer, wear light clothes, bright colors for the photos that you will take unstoppably. 

Put on your best smile and feel the vibes.

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